Friday, March 28, 2008

4GL Compiler Development - Technical Architect Opening - Pune

Send your resume to if you are interested in following Technical Architect (Compiler Development) opening with one of the fast growing Startup company. While sending the resume, kindly do mention the "Job Id" (given below) and the following information:

- Current CTC
- Expected CTC
- Time to join (if offered)
- Willingness to relocate to Noida


IMP NOTE: Candidates from premier engineering institutes with 8+ years of experience in compiler development will only be considered.

Job - Technical Architect (Compiler Development for 4GL)
Job Location - Pune, India
Experience - 8+ years of experience in compiler development field

Qualifications : BE/BTech/MTech (Comp Science preferable) – IITs or RECs

Technical Architect Role:
- France based product startup company (development center in Pune) is creating a complete software development suite for 4th Generation Language to develop business applications . This suite includes a compiler, a virtual machine, remote graphical display clients and an IDE.
- Technical expert is required in the field of compilers and virtual machines to design and develop the internals of their 4GL (4th Generation Language) compiler and virtual machine.
- Work will include complete design and development of 4th Generation Language compiler from scratch (no support or testing work).
- Hire team members and build the core team for the development of this compiler product.
- Guide the company directions in other technical areas and products.

Required Skills:
- C language (efficiency, C stack management, byte order,...)
- Compilers (Lexical analysis, YACC, BISON grammars)
- Virtual machines internals (PCode interpreters, Garbage collectors,
data types management...)
- SQL and database client libraries (ODBC, Oracle ProC, Informix ESQLC)
- System programming and libraries for:
Socket, XML, Unicode, System locales...
- Theory of computer languages
- Knownledge of 4GL, .Net and Java languages grammars and semantics appreciated
- Platforms: Windows, Linux, Unix (HP, AIX, Solaris...)
- Minimum of 8 years of experience in the field of compiler development

Submit your resume at:

Email resume to
For any further details call me at +91-9216157361 (Gaurav)

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